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Handbook & Discipline Policy

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception and St. Lawrence Religious Education Program Disciplinary Policy

Parents remain first and foremost a child's role model and teacher in their religious formation. The parishes of St. Lawrence and Immaculate Conception churches have been and continue to be, dedicated to providing the best possible Religious Education Program to supplement what children are already learning at home. We strive to find teachers who feel called to fulfill this teaching ministry and who promote a positive learning environment for their students. Our parishes remain open to the changes and challenges that face us and our youth, therefore, we have written this Behavior Policy to aid us in maintaining the high expectations we have set for our Religious Program. We will continue to perform in accordance with the Decree on Child Protection which states….

“Faithful to the Lord’s desire to let the children come to Him, the Church has from its beginning initiated children into its sacramental life. It has opened to them the treasure of truth and has striven to form them in gospel values. It has attempted to guide and support parents in their crucial role. Parishes have devoted tremendous energy and resources to the development of their young members, and countless individuals have dedicated themselves to nurturing young Catholics. God has placed those most fit for the Kingdom of God in our hands. We have taken our charge seriously.”

Only by mutual respect does effective learning take place in our Religious Education Program. It is vital for the spiritual growth and emotional & physical well being of all our students and staff that common courtesy, politeness, and active participation be present at all Religious Education events, be it class time, retreats or special events.

Expectations of students include but are not limited to…
  • Respect for teachers, staff, and fellow students
  • Respect for other’s property, including church property, inside and out (no gum in church)
  • Active and willing participation
  • Attentiveness and courtesy toward teacher and fellow students
  • Appropriate and modest dress (no hats in church)
  • Regular attendance (see attendance policy below)
  • Be on time for class. Early dismissal must be excused.
  • Stay in seat at all times unless permission is given to be out 
  • When in church for any reason, whether a Penance service or play practice, for example, students should remain reverent: our Lord is present in the Tabernacle and we must show reverence and respect toward His Presence. 
  • Students should come prepared for class and bring with them enthusiasm to grow in a deeper understanding of and zeal for our wonderful Catholic Faith! Come for love of our Lord, Who has so mercifully blessed us with this Faith!

Each Catechist is responsible for maintaining discipline in his/her classroom using means that are morally good, respectful to students, follow the guidelines of the Decree on Child Protection, and promote a faithful learning environment.

Problems should be handled promptly and before any situation should escalate or disrupt an entire night of class.
  • When a student misbehaves in class to the point of annoyance, but not to the point where removal is necessary, a simple parent notification should occur.  This may be done with a phone call or a note home by the teacher, CRE's Assistant, or CRE, at the teacher's discretion.
When a student's behavior becomes disruptive to the point of inhibiting the learning environment and the teacher deems it necessary the following actions may be taken:
  • The student is quietly and respectfully removed from the classroom to work under the supervision of the CRE Assistant
  • CRE Assistant, CRE, or pastor are notified of the situation
  • Phone call is made to parents by the teacher, CRE Assistant, or CRE
  • Parents will need to speak with the teacher, CRE Assistant, or CRE before the student is released
  • A parent/teacher meeting with the CRE and/or pastor is scheduled if deemed necessary

Attendance Policy:

If your child will not be in attendance for CCD, please inform either the teacher, church office (693-2561) or the parish CCD office (693-3535) in advance. If a student is absent without notification, a follow-up call will be made to parents.